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Newsletter 01 - 2010

Take the crisis as a real chance for yourself!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hope that you have had a pleasant start into the year 2010 and would like to wish you great success for the days coming.

For us it is a real must-have that a new year is accompanied by new products! Due to this two new products are introduced to you today. Furthermore, we are giving you a short review of the year 2009 as well as some further news and kindly ask you to send us your topic of interest for our next newsletter.

By means of this you help us to safeguard the quality of the content of our newsletter for the future!

Please enjoy reading our newsletter.

Your team of R+M de Wit

01 News more information
02 ST-29 Cool & Compact - lances in ergonomic wave design! more information
03 New air powered sprayer and foamer with pressure tank more information
04 Fair dates 2010 more information
05 Have you already known? more information
01 News

Our short review of the year 2009

The entire last year was dominated by high uncertainty regarding the further economic development. We are sure that there isn`t anybody who knew how it is going on. Is it still getting worse or could one say that we only had to pay for it with a drop in sales which is still acceptable?

Our motto in this hard time was to see the crisis as a real chance to pursue and to reach our goals more than ever. We particularly focused on enlarging our range of products, on optimizing our customer service and on making R+M / Suttner better known on the world market. We promise that we did not even think of burying our heads in the sand once.

We succeeded in finishing the year 2009 with only a slight decline in sales in comparison with the previous year. In the course of the last months we noticed that the situation slowly eases and stabilizes. This fact makes us happy so that we are expecting the further development with high optimism.

You never had to promise to stick by us through thick and thin - the more pleasing is the fact for us that you have chosen R+M / Suttner as your partner also in economically uncertain times. We would like to thank you very much for having every confidence in us at any time.

Rely on R+M / Suttner - your strong and safe partner for your future!

Your requirements are our strengths!

What do you wish us to talk about in our next newsletter?

We have so far dedicated entirely ourselves to determine interesting and informative topics for the content of our newsletter. In the course of the years we collected every idea on which we could report some time in the future.

By now newsletter are ten a penny! Everybody selling products or offering services of every description tries to focus the attention on them, to boost sales or even to convince prospective buyer this way. If you asked us we would state that there are significant differences in particular regarding the way of communication and quality. You can definitely be sure of one point: We are always anxious to exclusively talk about things that are of interest to you or are to your advantage. Furthermore, open-ended questions are answered or there are some important facts given which assist you with doing your job in the future.

In order to be sure that we talk about things which you really like to hear we are asking you today. What do you wish us to talk about in our next newsletter? Please take your time to think about it, but however we are assuming that you already have some ideas in mind which can be sent to newsletter.topic_of_interest@rm-dewit.com with effect from today. We are dying to receive your topics of interest!

We would like to thank you for your assistance in advance. By means of this you help us to safeguard the quality of the content of our newsletter for the future!

Our trainees are the experienced skilled worker of tomorrow

Many companies are swayed by the generally economic development. We see and take the crisis as a chance and that is why we still give young people the opportunity to do a training at one`s own company. As you already know the training at R+M / Suttner is hold dear as companies can only be successful if their staffs are well-trained. Therefore, we attach great importance to a high quality of our business and technical trainings.

In 2009 five young and dynamic persons got the chance to make their first step into working life and to discover their own potential at R+M / Suttner. At Suttner there are two technical trainees, one as a cutting machine operator with turning as specialization as well as one as a tool mechanic and one business trainee as an industrial clerk. R+M strengthened its team by engaging two trainees as warehouse logistics specialists. Altogether there are eleven highly motivated persons doing a training at R+M / Suttner who support the entire team every day.

It is very important for us that the trainees take personal responsibility right from the start. Furthermore, they are also working in other department during their training in order to clearly understand the exact procedure of different processes.

Information regarding still available apprenticeship training positions in 2010 can be obtained from www.suttner.net/de/karriere.htm at Suttner and from www.rm-dewit.com/de/karriere.htm at R+M.

One thing for sure - R+M / Suttner creates prospects!

Product line of Suttner high pressure quick couplings successfully enlarged

The newly developed high pressure quick coupling ST-45-250 was introduced to you in our newsletter 04 - 2009. These versions have now been enlarged by the ST-45-600. The ST-45-600 is made out of stainless steel and designed for up to 600 bar and 150 °C. Moreover, this product line is reasonably completed by the high pressure quick coupling ST-3100.

We would like to stress that all high pressure quick couplings offered to you in our range of products are Made in Germany and solely manufactured at Suttner. Our trained as well as accurate quality management permanently observes all production processes and thus guarantees a constantly high quality. On the other hand we are always in the position to shortly realize your individual wishes and to immediately take them into consideration regarding our production.

Our data sheet gives you more information about the Suttner high pressure quick couplings ST-45-250, ST-45-600 and ST-3100. You can download it as a pdf-file.

We are convinced that our products come up to your entire satisfaction.
02 ST-29 Cool & Compact - stainless steel lances in ergonomic wave design!

The Cool & Compact lances offered to you in our range have so far been made out of zinc plated steel. Due to the fact that there is a strong demand regarding the ergonomic wave design of the ST-28 we decided to offer you an additional version made out of stainless steel. For sure, you will be very satisfied with the result - it is called the ST-29! The stainless steel lances made out of AISI 304 / 1.4301 equipped with a rolled 1/4" male thread are available from today. You are invited to learn more…

The insulated grip is made out of expanded polypropylene (PP). The expansion improves the grade of insulation and reduces the weight. We guarantee you that you enjoy having the ergonomically moulded grip in your hands as cleaning is also definitely less strenuous. Our recommendation is to simply test this new product as it is an experience which is really worthwhile.

The advantages are obvious: As above-mentioned the ST-29 has optimal thermal insulation values. That is to say that extreme heat is not passed on to the user. By means of this the possibility of burns is ruled out. Due to the fact that the surface of the insulated grip is closed the lance is very rugged. It is not susceptible to breakage at all even if it is once dumped down accidently. Moreover, the lance is insensitive to dirt.

The ST-29 Cool & Compact lances are available in the following lengths: 500, 600, 700, 900 and 1200 mm. They are designed for max. 400 bar and max. 150 °C.

Our data sheet gives you more information about the ST-29 Cool & Compact lances. You can download it as a pdf-file.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

We would be grateful if you would give us your feedback. Many thanks in advance.
03 New in the range! Air powered sprayer and foamer with pressure tank

For us it is a real must-have that a new year is accompanied by new products in order to continuously enlarge our assortment so that it is possible for you to cover your entire demand at R+M / Suttner. It is very important for us that our products convince by unique quality and that they meet your demands at the best.

The new air powered sprayer and foamer with pressure tank are either made out of stainless steel V2A / AISI 304 or coated steel. Both versions are equipped with an integrated and very rugged transport trolley with 2 reels and a filler made out of the material of the chosen model. The filling is very easy and effected by means of a plastic hopper to fill in. They need to be connected to the compressed-air supply and are designed for max. 8 bar. Furthermore, both devices feature a default safety valve, a chemically resistant hose, a lance in a length of 60 cm and a fill level indication.

Which applications do our novelties suit? The stainless steel version is suitable for the use in the food industry, car wash and industry. The coated steel version is designed for car wash and industrial cleaning.

Please note that a permanent pressure exposure is required to achieve an uniform foam result.

Our data sheet gives you more information about the sprayer and foamer. You can download it as a pdf-file.

Spray and foam as a real pro with effect from today - it can now really go ahead! In case of any questions, we are at your disposal at any time.

We are looking forward to receiving your order.
04 Fair dates 2010

We are represented at the following fairs:

ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2010
Amsterdam . The Netherlands
Halle 3 . Stand 03.217
26 - 29 April 2010

Car Care World Expo
Las Vegas, NV . USA
Stand 2367
together with Suttner America Company
12 - 14 May 2010

Frankfurt . Germany
Halle 10 . Stand D64
14 - 19 September 2010

eima international
Bologna . Italy
10 - 14 November 2010
05 Have you already known?

...that the spray gun assembly at Suttner has been restructured and optimized.

The spray gun assembly at Suttner has been executed in an automated way since July 2009. We can tell you that this costly investment had to be well-planned. Afterwards, we are proud of having decided to take this step as we do not want to forego all advantages both for you as our customer and for us today.

The production capacity of the automated spray gun assembly is now max. 2,500 spray guns per day and everything from small lot sizes to mass-production can be realized. We are able to respond more flexibly to your requirements and to adapt processes faster to align to market changes. Furthermore, we succeeded in increasing enormously our process safety and in eliminating several sources of error. The reject rates are lower than one percent.

Today we know that the restructuring of our spray gun assembly was a very important step into the right direction. By means of this the production location Leopoldshöhe / Germany could be saved for R+M / Suttner. We are glad about this fact as it really shows that it was the right decision. Moreover, we achieved to create ergonomic workplaces and increased significantly the safety at work in our company. We also benefit from an enormous reduction of absence.

You really see that we make every effort to be in the best possible position all the time in order to guarantee that we are a strong and safe partner of yours. Please keep in mind that you should always be the first who profit from our way of doing business.

We are looking forward to going with you into the future.
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