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We are very proud that we were in the position to present you our new R+M / Suttner catalogue 2016-17 before Christmas this time. More than 2,800 photos on over 500 pages are waiting for you.

Furthermore, new products are presented to you and we tell you everything you should know about our worthwhile investment at R+M and Suttner.

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Alexander de Wit

• Universal test bench at R+M
• Investment made at Suttner
• Public holidays in 2016
• New trainees at R+M / Suttner
• Catalogue 2016-17

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sewer and pipe cleaning

Worthwhile extension of the product line sewer cleaning and pipe cleaning nozzles

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Triple nozzle

Rotatable stainless steel Read and Recleaning tasks in the food industry.

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Fair dates 2016

We are represented
• UNITI expo Stuttgart
• automechanika Frankfurt

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…that there is a neutral catalogue version for your customers available.

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  Neuer Impulsprüfstand bei R+M de Wit  
Completely new! Ultra-modern universal test bench at R+M in Velbert since December 2015
In the past, we were only able to test all hoses regarding their operating and burst pressure i.e. that a hydrostatic test according to EN ISO 1402 was carried out. But, the purchase of the universal test bench GH 4000 of the company brothers HELD for significantly more than € 100,000 enables us to additionally carry out a pressure impulse test according to EN ISO 6803.
This means that we would like to warrant in future that all hoses obtained from our suppliers are additionally tested regarding their pressure impulse before they are passed on to you. In this working step, it is checked if the hose complies with the number of impulses required by the European Standard. Of course, features such as temperature and pressure are also checked.
Six hoses can be tested at our universal test bench at the same time. A test is possible from 15 to 1,500 bar and up to 135 °C. Moreover, we have the possibility to make sure that our pressing dimension optimally fits to the hoses that are tested.
We are very proud of this worthwhile investment at R+M! This purchase enables us to improve again the quality of our work and to offer you as well as your customers even more safety.
Trust in us and go with R+M / Suttner!

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  Investitionen im Hause Suttner  
Investment made at Suttner
Halfway through the year 2015 an investment of more than € 600,000 was made as 2 new CNC-turning lathes have been bought. It is a Hyperturn 65 PM by Emco being equipped with a milling spindle and a turret including milling drive and 2 Y-axes and a HT 45 with operated tools and a Y-axis for the complete processing of turned and milled parts.
It goes without saying that you profit from this cost-intensive purchase! By making this investment we pursue the goal to extend our production site in Leopoldshöhe.
Especially the Hyperturn 65 PM carries out complex and extensive turning, drilling and milling operations within only one work process. Reclamping and temporary storage become unnecessary. The precision at the workpiece is enormously increased.
This is called a simultaneous machining with 5 axes. The automatic rod processing excellently exhausts the potentials of efficiency improvement in case of automation.
Both machines are used for the complete processing of the housings of our stainless steel spray guns or for example of complex sewer cleaning nozzles.
Things are realized by us and this is especially done for you!

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  Feiertage 2016 mit R+M de Wit  
Public holidays in Germany in 2016
If you cannot reach us some day there is only one explanation for it. Due to a public holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia our company is closed. As a matter of principle we will be at your disposal the next working day and are looking forward to having the pleasure of serving you. All public holidays determined for our land in 2016 are listed below.

25.03.16 - Good Friday
28.03.16 - Easter Monday
01.05.16 - May Day
05.05.16 - Ascension Day
16.05.16 - Whit Monday
26.05.16 - Corpus Christi
03.10.16 - German Unification Day
01.11.16 - All Saints` Day
25.12.16 - Christmas Day
26.12.16 - Boxing Day

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  Hab meinen Traumberuf gefunden  
New trainees at R+M / Suttner
We would like to take the opportunity to present our trainees who have started their training at R+M in Velbert and at Suttner in Leopoldshöhe in August 2015. Welcome to everybody on board!
Our trainees at R+M:
Jennifer Heuer
Saskia Ragotzi are trained as wholesale and foreign trade merchant with wholesaling as specialization.

Nico Dittmar
Ümit Yilmaz are our new trainees as specialist for warehouse logistics.
  Wir bieten jeden Menge Möglichkeiten   Our trainees at Suttner:
Dennis Bondarev
Matthias Weber have started their training as process engineer with plastic and rubber technology as specialization.

Christoph Albrink is our new trainee as cutting machine operator with turning as specialization.

We are anxious to guarantee a very qualified training in order to best possibly prepare our trainees for a smooth start into working life.

Please have every confidence in our new staff members! We are convinced that you shortly see that you are in good hands. We are looking forward to continuing our pleasurable relationship with you that is highly appreciated.

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  R+M de Wit Katalog 2016-17  
The new R+M / Suttner catalogue 2016-17
Convincing variety of products - everything you could possibly wish for!

We are very proud that we were in the position to present you our new R+M / Suttner catalogue 2016-17 before Christmas this time. If you have not yet received your personal copy, please feel free to order it by sending an email to

The result of the detailed work during the last months is impressive. It features over 2,800 photos on over 500 pages. For sure, you`ll see that we have once again done our utmost to expand our product range reasonably as we offer you a lot of innovations developed by our engineers.

Our main catalogue is available to you and your employees free of charge.

Enjoy reading through your personal copy and in case of any questions, please get in touch with us.

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  Kanal- und Rohreinigungsdüsen  
Worthwhile extension of the product line sewer cleaning and pipe cleaning nozzles
R+M / Suttner is experienced in the production of static and rotating pipe cleaning nozzles for the high pressure cleaning. Within the last 10 years, several hundred thousand nozzles were produced.

By means of the intensive cooperation with well-known equipment manufacturer we succeeded in extending especially the field of professional pipe cleaning with up to 500 bar. Therefore, you can refer to a wide range of products and applications as we offer versatile constructions and sizes. The applicability is the cleaning of small heat-exchange pipes in the food industry, the rinsing and de-icing of blocked or frozen pipes and the rinsing of sewage pipes.

High-quality materials guarantee you a long operating lifetime. The majority of the nozzles is made out of hardened stainless steel. Due to this feature they are very wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. For further information regarding the sewer cleaning and pipe cleaning nozzles please refer to the
catalogue chapter.

For sure, you find what you are looking for! If you have any queries, please get in touch with us at any time!

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  R+M de Wit Dreifachdüse aus Edelstahl  
Triple nozzle made out of stainless steel
Cleaning tasks in the food industry are normally carried out within a cleaning process of four steps. The aim of the cleaning is to take the breeding ground from microorganisms and to remove these microorganisms.

Normally, a mix of water and cleaning detergent adapted to the kind of pollution by adding compressed air is put on the surfaces that need to be removed from gross dirt before. After an adequate soaking time the surface needs to be rinsed with water and disinfected with an appropriate disinfectant.

Multiple injector systems as the ST-164 are used in order to realize a precise dosing and homogeneous mixing. The application of foam and disinfectant as well as the rinsing is effected by means of nozzles that differ in their size and spraying angle.

The exchange of the nozzles is carried out by means of a quick coupling system. Disadvantageous is the possibility that nozzles or parts thereof may get lost as well as the danger of confusion that may have a bad effect on the dosage ratio of air, water and chemistry so that a sufficient contact time cannot be guaranteed anymore. But, however the triple nozzles which are firmly connected with the cleaning gun prevent these possibilities. Due to the fact that the triple nozzles are made out of high-quality stainless steel they are especially light, robust, durable and resistant to chemicals. By means of easy shifting and engaging the required outlet nozzle can be accurately selected. Rings made out of elastomer protect the nozzle holder as well as the surrounding in case of impact or falling down.

The change-over nozzles are all equipped with an inlet having a ½“ male thread in order to immediately screw them into the spray gun ST-3100 with a female thread at the outlet. The spray gun ST-3100 is the most common gun in the food industry. Different models to be equipped with customary foam, rinse and disinfection nozzles as well as an already pre-assembled version are shown in our catalogue on page 298.

You are invited to test this new stainless steel triple nozzle! We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.

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Fair dates 2016 - we are represented at the following fairs:
  ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam  
Amsterdam . The Netherlands
10 – 13 May 2016
Hall 3 . Booth 03.201
R+M de Wit auf der Issa Interclean
  UNITI expo in Stuttgart  
Stuttgart . Germany
14 – 16 June 2016

 visit UNITI expo 2016
R+M de Wit auf der UNITI expo
  ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Istanbul  
Istanbul . Turkey
7 – 9 September 2016

R+M de Wit auf der Issa Interclean
  automechanika in Frankfurt  
Frankfurt . Germany
13 – 17 September 2016
Hall F10 . Booth D13
 visit automechanika 2016
R+M de Wit auf der automechanika
Bologna . Italy
9 – 13 November 2016

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  Neutraler Katalog 2016-17 zu bestellen  

Have you already known?
…that there is a neutral catalogue version for your customers available.
You are invited to order the „neutral“ catalogue for your customers! As this version is stocked as an independent item, it can be purchased at a price of 4.50 euro per piece by stating the R+M Nr. 980005.
Thanks in advance for placing your order!

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