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Newsletter 02 - 2015

R+M / Suttner has a lot of news for you and creates prospects

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The floor cleaner turbodevil INDUSTRIAL, the Big Wheel agriculture cleaner and the high pressure hose easyfarm365+ are waiting to be tested by you. Moreover, you are informed about product modifications and we report about the issue "training at R+M / Suttner".

For sure, all topics are of interest to you - please enjoy reading our newsletter!

We are at your disposal in case of any questions.

Your team of R+M / Suttner

01 News more information
02  turbodevil – you are invited to get to know our new floor cleaner series!
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03  easyfarm365+ high pressure hose - strengthening within our series for the agriculture!
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04 Fair dates 2015 more information
05 Have you already known? more information
01 News

R+M / Suttner creates prospects

For every company it is quite hard to find qualified, skilled and motivated staff members. In this case it is obvious that it is most efficient to give young people the opportunity to do a training at one`s own company. The training at R+M / Suttner is hold dear as companies can only be successful if their staffs are well-trained. Therefore, we attach great importance to a high quality of our business, technical and industrial trainings.

R+M / Suttner has a training rate of at least 10 % right now. This is why we are able to save our qualified personnel by ourselves in the medium and long term. We primarily pursue the goal to take over our trainees after having successfully passed. At the moment, we are very satisfied with the rate of takeover as we can also state that we have had a few trainees in the near past who finished their training with an award by the responsible chamber. This fact is really something to be proud of and motivates for the future. Moreover, many of our trainees who stayed with us after their graduation have now positions with management responsibility.

Prerequisites for getting a training position at R+M / Suttner are excellent school leaving certificates, a high degree of motivation, the trait to be proactive and a team player as well as interest in business, technical or industrial tasks.

We really enjoy giving many young people the opportunity to make their first step into working life and to discover their own potential. Moreover, R+M / Suttner succeeds to build up a highly qualified staff with which we can accept the challenges of the future.

More information are given on our web site www.rm-suttner.com.

Crimp nipples ST-44 made out of stainless steel from today

As we are steadily anxious to improve our high quality products, we have decided to offer the crimp nipples of our quick screw swivel couplings ST-44 only completely made out of stainless steel. Therefore, the crimp nipples 31470, 31480 and 31490 made out of galvanized machining steel are gradually replaced by crimp nipples completely made out of stainless steel from now on.

Old number DN New number
314 70 6 314 79
314 80 8 314 89
314 90 10 314 99

High pressure hose reel ST-71 – robust and conformable to food industry standards

The manually operated hose reel has been refined and is now conformable to food industry standards. It is completely made out of stainless steel equipped with a big 1/2" swivel and an orifice of 12 mm. The extremely robust version of the ST-71 made out of 3 mm thick stainless steel and equipped with a big handwheel really sets new standards. Due to the brake that is lockable in 6 positions the ST-71 is the robust alternative for the use in the agriculture and food industry with a 40 m 1/2" hose.

Our data sheets give you detailed information about our high pressure hose reel ST-71. You can download them as a pdf-file (german . english).

Please go and see for yourself!
02 turbodevil – you are invited to get to know our new floor cleaner series!

In addition to our turbodevil floor cleaner series "the new generation" our Engineering team has newly developed the series INDUSTRIAL especially designed for the professionally industrial use. Being equipped with an especially high quality triple bearing swivel with ceramic sealing elements for high durability and extremely long use and stainless steel guide rolls this new turbodevil series completely made out of rust-free material is ideal for surface cleaning applications.

Our new cleaner Big Wheel is designed for the use in the agriculture and characterized by well thought-out features for stable cleaning. Our Big Wheel is a first-class floor cleaner and indispensable when having the hardest conditions in the agriculture.

Our turbodevil flyer gives you detailed information about our turbodevil floor cleaner. You can download it as a pdf-file (german . english . french).

One thing for sure: it`s worth testing our floor cleaner!
03 easyfarm365+ high pressure hose - strengthening within our series for the agriculture!

Our special development for the professional cot and machine cleaning convinces by easy application on rough floors under hardest conditions. You are invited to profit from a longer working life as usual and safety when coping with high flow rates and maximum pressure!

A look at our flyer about our new high pressure hose easyfarm365+ provides you with all details that are important for you. You can download it as a pdf-file (german . english . french).

Please give us a call if you need further assistance!
04 Fair dates 2015

Fair dates 2015 - we are represented at the following fairs:

Bologna . Italy
20 - 24 May 2015
Hall 25 - Stand B95

Car Wash Show Europe 2015
Amsterdam . The Netherlands
5 - 7 October 2015
Stand 246

autopromotec 2015 - Bologna - Italy . 20 - 24 May . Hall 25 . Stand B95

Due to our very successful participations in the years 2011 and 2013 we decided to return to autopromotec in Bologna in 2015 and to take part at one of the most important trade fairs for car maintenance and car wash.

We are pleased to welcome you at our stand and would like to present the new products of our continuously extended easywash365+ product line as well as new foam components for the self-service car wash such as the turbo foam brush lance to you. There are many new things waiting for you - please come around and just have a look!

Our stand personnel is at your disposal during the times stated below:
Dirk Niesen     20 – 24 May 2015
Philippe Bostoen 20 – 24 May 2015
Georg Hausmann 20 – 22 May 2015
Alexander de Wit 21 – 22 May 2015

For further information please visit www.autopromotec.it.

R+M / Suttner - our presence at international exhibitions

There are only four months of this year past and we are looking back on already three very successful participations at international fairs. When coming home again together with several new ideas, contacts and tasks it was definitely the best decision to be presented as exhibitor with an own booth. Normally, the next participation is directly confirmed with the organizer.

The following photos give you an impression of all three participations: ACMA automechanika in New Delhi/India, automechanika Istanbul/Turkey and ISSA/INTERCLEAN Central & Eastern Europe in Warsaw together with our Polish partner atmos.

You are invited to come around when you are once nearby! On the spot, you have the opportunity to see and get to know our new products.

05 Have you already known?

...that the Suttner stainless steel injectors are also designed for the use with aggressive media.

The Suttner stainless steel injectors of the series ST-160, ST-164, ST-166, ST-167 and ST-168 are suitable for almost all common cleaning and foaming agents as well as disinfectants. In order to fulfil the highest requirements on the chemical resistance there are return and dosing valves available which are specially designed for the use with chlorinated and peracetic acid containing disinfectants. These valves are required and used when chemical concentrates and injectors come together.

Due to the low required concentration of disinfectant in the water-chemical mixture the use of special dosing valves or dosing nozzles is necessary. All information can be obtained from the current easyfoam365+ foam catalogue (german . english).

The entire team of R+M / Suttner is at your disposal in case of any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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