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Newsletter 05 - 2011

easywash365+ foam lance - your professional answer to the removal of dirt!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are invited to get to know our [B]easy[/B]wash365+ foam lance as you are definitely shown how professional car wash looks like!

Do not miss to order your personal copy of the R+M / Suttner wall calendar in poster-size for 2012! There are more new products introduced to you and we warmly recommend keeping on reading.

In this spirit we wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year. All your wishes may come true!

The R+M / Suttner newsletter will be back again at the beginning of next year!

Best regards and wishes,

Your team of R+M / Suttner

01 News more information
02  easywash365+ foam lance - your professional answer to the removal of dirt!
more information
03  New! R+M fleece filter bags - the user is convinced by their performance!
more information
04 Fair dates 2012 more information
05 Have you already known? more information
01 News

Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Times are changing! Social networks offer the possibility to inform yourself and socialize i.e. to find new business contacts. R+M / Suttner entirely accepts and supports this change!

Therefore, you can also get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger and YouTube with effect from today. You are invited to come around and have a look - we are looking forward to meeting you!

R+M is at your disposal at the turn of the year

We would like to inform you that R+M is opened at the turn of the year. On all days between Christmas and New Year a skeleton crew is reachable in the time from 8 am. until 2 pm.

Furthermore, please take note of the fact that Suttner is closed in the time from 23 December up to and including 30 December 2011. They will be back again on 2 January 2012 and be pleased to assist you.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Public holidays in Germany in 2012

If you cannot reach us some day there is only one explanation for it. Due to a public holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia our company is closed. As a matter of principle we will be at your disposal the next working day and are looking forward to having the pleasure of serving you. All public holidays determined for our land in 2012 are listed below.

Good Friday
Easter Monday
May Day
Ascension Day
Whit Monday
Corpus Christi
German Unification Day
All Saints` Day
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
  6 April 2012
9 April 2012
1 May 2012
17 May 2012
28 May 2012
7 June 2012
3 October 2012
1 November 2012
25 December 2012
26 December 2012

Additional version - grout nozzle with bars protects your chattel from being sucked in!

The grout nozzle 265020 being 370 mm in length and equipped with a connection of 58 mm has been the tried and tested standard product at single self-service vacuum cleaner or central vacuum facilities within the professional self-service interior cleaning for many years.

Due to the wide orifice it often occurred that things like tissues, pens or receipts were sucked in and caused especially in case of central vacuum facilities severe blockages in the pipe system. There are many customers who really got fed up with accidentally sucking in some valuable things like keys and money. In order to get these things back or to resolve the blockage the entire installation needs to be switched off. As a result the operator had to deal with customer complaints and considerable loss of revenue.

R+M / Suttner found a remedy! Our additional version having the same measures is now equipped with bars which are positioned in the mouthpiece of the nozzle. These bars guarantee that only particles are sucked in which enter into the suction pipe and suction hose systems in an unhampered way. Furthermore, the additional bars have a positive effect on the wear and tear of the suction nozzle which results in a significantly increased lifetime.

Please find out if the new version equipped with bars keeps your valuable things together! If it does a good job you know on which version you have to rely on in future.
02 easywash365+ foam lance - your professional answer to the removal of dirt!

Self-service car wash plants offer special programs in order to satisfy the users` needs regarding the cleaning of their cars. By means of an individual range of products the operator tries to stand out from the local competition. Self-service foam cleaning plays an important role in this context. Before effecting high pressure or brush wash strong and sticking foam is coated in order to etch the dirt on the surfaces to be cleaned.

The easywash365+ foam lance which is equipped with an integrated and active foam nozzle ST-75 having an air injector is the ideal tool to spray on mixtures of water and foaming agents as pre-mix which is produced under high pressure. The addition of the foaming agent is executed in the supply room. A separate compressed air connection is not required.

As the dosing of air is effected only by the air injector at the foam nozzle there is immediately foam coming out when operating the high pressure gun. All VDA-conform and foamable chemicals for washing and cleaning are suitable for an operation.

easywash365+ foam lance with easywash365+ spray gun, lance 245 mm with extension ST-9.1 and foam nozzle ST-75. Regarding the spray gun you can either choose the standard or freeze stop version, the connection is 3/8" F swivel. Max. 310 bar / 25 l/min / 150 °C.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the easywash365+ foam lance. You can download it as a pdf-file (deutsch . english).

You are invited to get to know our easywash365+ foam lance as you are definitely shown how professional car wash looks like!

We are looking forward to receiving your order and are at your disposal in case of any questions.

03 New! R+M fleece filter bags - the user is convinced by their performance!

By means of our continuous market observation you are invited to profit from positive trends of the market. Therefore, our range of filter bags has been enlarged by different versions made out of fleece - see for yourself! Just for you in the following - the features and advantages at a glance. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!

The R+M fleece filter bags
»  are ideal for the suction of fine dust
»  are extremely tear-resistant thus being designed for the suction of wet, edged and small particle
»  have superior suction capacity to common vacuum filter
»  offer excellent filtration at high suction capacity up to a completely filled filter bag
»  are provided with a sealing lip and a clip* for closing the bag
»  are removed in an easy and hygienic way
»  are designed for a long use
»  are a cost-conscious and cost-saving suction solution

* not at all models!

Our enclosed data sheet informs you about all available R+M fleece filter bags. You can download it as a pdf-file (deutsch . english).

We are looking forward to receiving your order!
04 Fair dates 2012

We are represented at the following fairs:

ISSA INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2012
Amsterdam . The Netherlands
8 - 11 May 2012

Frankfurt . Germany
11 - 16 September 2012

eima international
Bologna . Italy
7 - 11 November 2012

Clean India PULIRE 2011 - a very promising participation

If it is your wish to popularize your own brand in other countries you definitely have to be on the spot in order to personally show your products. Therefore, it was the right decision to be presented at the PULIRE in India with a small booth.

After our journey we know that there is a great demand for high quality products on the Indian cleaning market. Products "made in Germany" are enquired in a preferred way and a good price-performance-ratio is also very important. Therefore, R+M / Suttner is the ideal contact for the Indian market!

Our exhibits have entirely fulfilled the visitors` needs as we gained a lot of important and very good contacts as well as having had the chance to intensify some already existing ones. Furthermore, we were glad to learn more about country-specific requirements.

We are looking forward to doing our homework and expect an optimistic business development of the Indian market.

Your requirements are our strengths!
05 Have you already known?

...that an unchanging pressure relief device is required according to the European Standard EN 1829-1.

The European standard EN 1829-1 of May 2010 determines the safety demands on mobile and stationary high pressure water jet units with drives of all kinds with a permissible working pressure of more than 35 MPa (350 bar) (pressure generator or pumps having a permissible working pressure of less than 35 MPa are regulated according to EN 60335-2-79).

The standard prescribes among other things a pressure relief device which prevents that the permissible working pressure at the most is exceeded by more than 15 % (in case of units with snubber by more than 10 %). The user does not have to be able to switch the pressure relief device off and it does not have to be changed in its function.

There are burst disc holder with burst discs assembled in all common high pressure cleaner. Therefore, burst discs are a kind of rated break point and dimensioned in the way that they operate as a "one-time valve" in case of over pressure. If the burst disc is broken it does not have to be used again.

Especially in case of mobile use this leads to the breakdown of the unit if there is no appropriate burst disc for replacement available. Furthermore, replacing the burst disc costs money and time.

In this context R+M / Suttner now offers the pop-off valve ST-220 which is completely made out of stainless steel. By means of its robust and easy design the valve having a 3/8" M connecting thread with sealing cone is designed for being attached to the head of the pump or T-piece between pump and unloader valve. After the necessary desistence from over pressure the valve closes automatically. The opening pressure is adjusted by means of an allen screw fixed by a locknut. The pop-off valve is suitable for units with maximum 40 l/min at 300 to 500 bar up to 100 °C.

You are steadily informed by R+M / Suttner as we give high priority to your safety! Thank you very much for your attention.
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