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Newsletter 04 - 2011

Spray gun series ST-2635 Industrial sets new standards

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The trend towards more and more increasing working pressures and also increasing trigger forces in combination with higher demands on working ergonomics got us to set new standards by developing and introducing the new spray gun series ST-2635. You are invited to get to know all technical specifications regarding this unique development!

Moreover, further new products and information about product changes are waiting for you. You are informed about everything you should definitely know and really good tips are given to you.

Enjoy reading our newsletter!

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02 New spray gun series ST-2635 Industrial more information
03  Stainless steel swivel ST-351 600 bar is very advantageous for the user
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01 News

Training at R+M / Suttner - number of committed instructor increased!

For every company it is a real challenge to find qualified, skilled and motivated staff members. In this case it is obvious that it is most efficient to give young people the opportunity to do a training at one`s own company. The training at R+M / Suttner is hold dear as companies can only be successful if their staffs are well-trained. Therefore, we attach great importance to a high quality of our business and technical trainings.

We have taken the internally strategic decision within our company that it is extremely valuable to have permanently 10 % of our entire team making trainings. As according to experience increasing the quantity often results in a lack of quality we give priority to offer a training that is guaranteed and executed at the best. We are anxious to give young and ambitious people the opportunity to make their first step into working life and to discover their own potential. Doing it this way, a highly qualified staff at R+M / Suttner is built up with which we can accept the challenges of the future.

In order to keep up the standard of our range of trainings and to improve it if required we decided to increase the number of instructor at the same time. As being the first contact persons of our trainees in all queries they are responsible for a trusting and reliable support at any time in order to guarantee that the trainees enjoy and successfully complete a professional training.
REED switches for flow switches ST-5, ST-505 and ST-6 - not new, but definitely improved and better now!

The Suttner flow switches have been reworked. The main focus of attention was the improvement of the REED switches. The plastic coats which are fitted due to their highly dielectric strength were replaced by more flexible brass housings. This makes it possible to mount and disassemble the REED switch out of the flow switch when executing maintenance work at high pressure units as the electric part is often disconnected from the hydraulic one. By means of the now internal insulation and complete separation against incoming water the flow switches have the protection class IP 55. The electric connection values are max. 250 V, max. 3 A and max. 120 VA.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the flow switches ST-5, ST-505 and ST-6. You can download it as a pdf-file (deutsch . english).

You see that we do not only focus on new development as we are always anxious to adapt the changing requirements on the market to our existing range of products.

Your requirements are our strengths!
ST-860D - the little sister of our steam gun ST-4000

The steam gun ST-4000 established on the market as the ideal solution for industrial cleaning tasks with steam is very much in demand among our customers. By means of the especial valve housing made out of aluminium having a 3/4" F connection the gun is especially designed and suitable for extremely high flow rates.

As reasonably priced and supremely powerful alternative for smaller to medium flow rates the steam gun ST-860D is now introduced into the market. As the little sister of the ST-4000 the ST-860D easily works at a medium temperature of up to 200 °C and at a working pressure of max. 20 bar. The fact that the hose connection is positioned in the front positively effects the professional handling with the gun as well as the heat radiation close to hand and body.

Apart from being enormously resistant to high temperatures the sealing copolymer is suitable for all liquids based on mineral oil as well as for inorganic acids, alkaline solutions, alcohol and anti-corrosion liquids based on amines and seawater or on their mixtures.

The little sister is available in two versions with and without lance, heat hand guard and nozzle protection.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the steam gun ST-860D. You can download it as a pdf-file (deutsch . english).

For sure: It`s worth testing the little sister! We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.
02 New spray gun series ST-2635 Industrial

Due to the 40 % reduced trigger force and 90 % reduced holding force against usual market guns ergonomic high pressure spray guns such as the series ST-2600 have an unchallenged leading position on the market.

Please be assured that there`s isn`t any reason for us to rest on our laurels! The trend towards more and more increasing working pressures and also increasing trigger forces in combination with higher demands on working ergonomics got us to set a standard once again by developing and introducing the new spray gun series ST-2635.

In comparison with the spray gun ST-2600 the trigger forces of the new spray gun series ST-2635 are reduced by further 25 %. This has an extremely positive effect on the user`s stress. Especially in the industrial cleaning industry a spray gun needs to be pressed several times per minute regarding certain fields of application. Therefore, one more reduction of the trigger forces by 25 % realizes a significantly physiological relief regarding the working conditions.

In order to optimize the handling with the spray gun all versions of the ST-2635 have been equipped with a radially arranged stainless steel swivel. Moreover, the patented valve technology with a seal seat guided ball made out of cutting metal is extremely durable and robust. The quick release coupling of the spray gun is made out of stainless steel.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the new spray gun series ST-2635 Industrial. You can download it as a pdf-file (deutsch . english).

Do not lose any time - send us your order today! We are pleased to hear from you.

03 Stainless steel swivel ST-351 600 bar is very advantageous for the user

We confirm and promise that the easy rotation of high pressure hoses at spray guns does not contradict using them with operating pressures of up to 600 bar. By introducing the newly developed stainless steel swivel ST-351 the twisting, folding as well as the formation of loops at high pressure hoses are definitely things of the past.

Regarding the technical construction of the swivel we attached great importance to the fact that it has to be very robust with compact dimension and the highest performance as even possible at the same time. Therefore, it isn`t a challenge to cope with temperatures of more than 100 °C! In combination with the high-performance seals the integrated stainless steel ball bearing guarantees especially easy rotation when dealing with axial and radial loads, even under maximum pressure load.

The lightweight of only approx. 240 g contributes to a significant improvement of the working ergonomics within the ultra high pressure range. The new swivel is available in 1/2" F / 1/2" M and M24x1,5 M / 1/2" M.

You are invited to know the true promise of our new swivel. You`ll be definitely satisfied by testing it!
04 Fair dates 2011

We are represented at the following fair:

Clean India PULIRE
Mumbai . India
German joint booth of BMWi / VDMA
10 - 12 November 2011

Clean India PULIRE 2011 - the entry into a future market

The Clean India PULIRE in Mumbai opens its doors for the third time. This exhibition is meanwhile the most successful exhibition of India and the entire Asian market.

The Indian as well as the Asian market are characterized by strong growth and a fast developing quality consciousness. Therefore, the desire and demand for high quality products at a good price-performance ratio is very high.

Supplying our customers with technically mature products at reasonable prices is one of our strengths. Therefore, we are anxious to be on the spot in order to talk to our customers and to get to know new potential buyers.

We are looking forward to having a successful participation on the German joint booth of BMWi / VDMA.

Mr. Dirk Niesen and Mrs. Nicole Rodewald are at your disposal in the time from 10 up to and including 12 November 2011. They are looking forward to welcoming and meeting you at our stand.
automechanika Moscow 2011 - once again a real success!

The automechanika Moscow is meanwhile the leading exhibition for car wash and maintenance in Russia and the CIS.

In order to satisfy the steadily increasing wish of our customers for quality products "Made in Germany" it was an absolute must for us to be presented once again together with our local partner. Many conversations confirmed the trend to change from cheap to quality products.

We succeeded in corresponding to this trend professionally by having the focus on easywash365+ ceiling booms and Suttner high pressure spray guns with integrated coupling.

In summary we are in the position to state that the automechanika Moscow 2011 has been a real success once again!
05 Have you already known?

...that the nozzles in our injectors are not plugged in anymore as they are screwed in.

The chemical injectors made out of stainless steel of the series ST-160, ST-166, ST-167 and ST-168 are especially designed for applications in the professional cleaning industry as well as in the foam cleaning. All injectors work according to the principle of conservation of momentum. The geometry of the combination of injector nozzles and counter nozzles plays a very important role in this part.

When designing injectors especially in combination with a foam lance having an air intake, we are talking about being in a permanent conflict of goals. The parameter "maximum suction capacity" and "maximum permitted counterpressure" are attainable only if we accept to lower the expectations of one of these parameter.

If it is your aim to achieve a preferably high additive, the proportion of injector nozzle and counter nozzle must be chosen widely. In this case it is possible to realize additives of up to 30 %. If it is your aim that the mixture leaves the lance (high pressure injector) with having a preferably high pressure, the proportion should be accordingly small.

For the use of high pressure foam lances it is required to make a compromise. On the one hand an acceptably large quantity of foaming agents must be sucked in. Depending on the kind of foaming agent an additive of up to 15 % could be necessary. On the other hand the possible counterpressure should be as big that sufficient air is sucked in by maximum water velocity within the air injector of the foam lance in order to foam the mixture of water and foaming agent.

The injectors presented in the enclosed data sheet as pdf-file (deutsch . english) are assembled so that they can be used in combination with foam lances.

In order to realize a particularly wide area of application of the injectors, the nozzles and counter nozzles are not anymore plugged in and pressed with the base body of the injectors respectively with immediate effect, but screwed in in order to ensure an easy exchangeability. This makes it possible to individually adapt to the appropriate application.

The injectors of the series ST-167 / ST-168 with screwed in nozzles and counter nozzles are identified by the marking groove framing the housing.

We thank you very much for your attention and are at your disposal in case of any questions.
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