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Newsletter 01 - 2011

We offer you the perfect duo and more!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are talking about the extremely absorbent drying wonder for the professionally exterior cleaning of vehicles and the streak-free cleaning wonder for the professionally interior cleaning of vehicles. You are invited to experience our cleaning duo. For sure, you`ll not want to miss it anymore!

Furthermore, new products are introduced to you, you are informed about everything you should know and given some really good hints. Did you know that it is advisable to regularly wash your car in the wintertime? Or do you understand the world of nozzle technology? You definitely learn more when reading our newsletter!

We hope that you enjoy reading.

Your team of R+M / Suttner

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02 easyfoam365+ by-pass injectors ST-167 / ST-168 more information
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01 News

Several staff member anniversaries in 2010 - their loyalty is highly appreciated!

According to our principles motivated personnel are the basis for our success. The fact that we have a lot of staff members working for us for many years and that we can invariably rely on their support proves that we really act and live according to the above-mentioned principle. Last year we had all in all three 10-year and one 15-year staff member anniversaries.

The interhuman part of a business relation works as in private life on a give-and-take basis. On the occasion of our Christmas staff party our four special guests had the opportunity to take without giving something back for the first time. Their long affiliation to R+M / Suttner was celebrated and the personal gratitude has been expressed to them with an individual present.

We are very proud to have all of them in our team and we trust in having the pleasure of going with them into the future.

Our recommendation to you: Wash your car also in the wintertime!

Do you wash your car in the wintertime? Many car owners think that this is pointless as their cars get dirty again anyway. But, however experts advise to regularly wash one`s car in a thorough way in case of a substantial use of road salt. The reason for this is that both paint and even the mechanics suffer considerably if road salt, dirt and water are left on the car for a longer time. The worst case would be that the seals were impaired by the salt and the mechanics were finally affected from inside.

What`s the remedy? To wash the car - the more often, the better! The water does not only remove the salt but also dangerous nests with dirt from the edges. Before going into the car wash plant the coarse dirt should be removed by means of a high pressure cleaner. The rocker panels as well as the wheel housings should also be prewashed. Furthermore, it is very important to dry and to subsequently lubricate the door seals after the washing. By means of glycerin or a special car care product the door seals are kept elastic and smooth.

Sealing of the paint prevents damages! In order to realize a best possible protection effect a cleaning of the paint with polish and subsequent sealing is recommended. A smooth and protected paint surface is substantially less susceptible to salt, leaches and dirt. Moreover, an underbody washing is also recommended in order to avoid that rusting is caused by salt and greasy salt mixture.

Please note that not every car wash plant is opened during the wintertime! But, however we are convinced that you find your supplier of confidence who welcomes you all year long.

Cessation of production of spray gun series R+M 890 and R+M 920

As both spray gun series R+M 890 and R+M 920 are external products which are not manufactured by Suttner we have no alternative but to accept the cessation of production planned by the manufacturers.

Then it is our task to immediately react to such development and to offer you substitute products. In this current case we can offer a more than equivalent alternative!

The spray guns recommended to you instead of the series R+M 890 are called ST-2300 and ST-1500. Compared with the R+M 890 the substitute spray guns are available in many different versions. They are characterized by a higher burst pressure resistance and a higher permissible flow rate. Furthermore, the models of the ST-2300 can be obtained as private label version. To sum up, it is to say that the spray guns recommended to you convince by their long durability. According to DIN EN 63335-79-2 the high level of safety is doubly fulfilled. The models of the ST-2300 are presented on the pages 108, 109, 110, 123 and 199 and the ones of the ST-1500 on the pages 112, 123, 129 and 199 of our current catalogue.

Instead of the series R+M 920 the technically mature models of the ST-1100 are offered to you. In comparison to the series to be replaced the ST-1100 particularly convinces in the burst pressure test and guarantees a significantly longer durability than the previous models. Of course, also these spray guns doubly fulfill the high level of safety according to the above-mentioned standard. The models of the ST-1100 can be found on the pages 112, 120 and 196 of our current catalogue.

Please note that this was only a short insight into the performance of our spray guns as a substitute. For sure, they`ll come up to your expectations!

We give ourselves the permission to automatically supply you with the original Suttner product as substitute after the stock of the previous models has been completely sold out. We are convinced that the favourable price surprises you in a positive way so that you understand and entirely accept our procedure.

Exclusively for you - the fundamentals of the nozzle technology!

Choosing the right nozzle size is most important and the deciding factor regarding output and smooth function of every high pressure cleaner. The selection is carried out by means of the table shown on page 152 of our current R+M / Suttner catalogue. Both working pressure and volume flow of the device are the crucial classification figures.

The number read out from the chart is a standardized flow figure, the so-called output factor or nozzle size. This nozzle size considers the actual nozzle cross section and also further parameters such as the form of the incoming flow, spray angle or surface finish. Nozzles of the same nozzle size produce the same pressures in case of the same flow rates. Nozzles with twice the output factor produce the same pressures in case of twice the flow rates. Output factors can be added and subtracted i.e. that for example a nozzle having the output factor 070 passes nearly the same water quantity as two nozzles having the size 035 or one with 030 and one with 040.

One further auxiliary variable in this context is the equivalent bore diameter. This indication states a bore diameter in millimetres which would produce a round point jet with identic pressure and flow characteristics sprayed by the nozzle. This diameter determines the mathematical dimensioning of the nozzles and significantly differs from measurable and visible nozzle parameters in particular when using nozzles with wide spray angles. In case of using flat jet nozzles this outlet geometry is normally elliptical and determining for the flow lines of liquids.

We very much hope that we succeeded in providing you with an insight into the world of nozzle technology. If there is still something unanswered, please do not hesitate to directly get in touch with us. We are at your disposal at any time!
02 easyfoam365+ by-pass injectors ST-167 / ST-168

The injectors completely made out of stainless steel make it possible to open two cross section areas (50 mm2 each) in order to guarantee a smooth use without drop in pressure when washing/rinsing. This ensures that the injector can be permanently kept in the high pressure line, also at the time when large water quantities are used e.g. in the agriculture or food industry. The cleaning capacity when cleaning and rinsing is not affected at all. A lever makes it possible to change from the cleaning and rinsing mode into injector operation. When using the cleaning mode, there are two bore holes guiding the high pressure water parallel to the injector (by-pass mode). When using the injector the available water quantity is guided through the injection area.

In combination with a foam lance (ST-72 or ST-74), an adjustable or a triple nozzle the easyfoam365+ injector ST-167 can suck in chemicals by means of the integrated check valve made out of stainless steel. It depends on the chosen nozzle whether the chemical can also be sprayed on or foamed. The foaming covers large areas and a long exposure time is guaranteed. One further advantage of the foam cleaning is that already covered surfaces are easily seen.

In order to produce foam with the easyfoam365+ injector ST-168 a foam lance without air intake is absolutely required. The air quantity needed for foaming is supplied by an additional connection positioned at the injector. The use of a spray gun with large cross section areas such as for example ST-2720, ST-2725, ST-3100 or ST-3300 with suitable lances and foam hoses (blufood) is recommended. The easyfoam365+ injector ST-168 is especially designed for low and medium pressure applications from a water inlet pressure of 5 bar and it generates excellent foam when being provided with the required quantity of compressed air.

The easyfoam365+ injector which is available in the nozzle size of 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.1 and 2.3 mm meets the requirements in every field of application in the professional cleaning industry. The dosing is adjusted by one of the 8 nozzle inserts which are included in the consignment. As an alternative there are also versions with the infinitely variable dosing unit ST-161 available.

The connection for chemicals equipped with an integrated check valve and an intake for the nozzle inserts has a hose connector for chemical suction hoses being 10 mm in diameter in order to suck in especially viscous fluids. The direction of flow is marked with arrows to guarantee a smooth installation.

The suitable wall holder (R+M Nr. 200 168 420) for both easyfoam365+ injectors is separately available.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the easyfoam365+ injectors ST-167 / ST-168. You can download it as a pdf-file.

In summary we are talking about a very strong and important gain within our easyfoam365+ product line. Be sure that we do not promise too much!
03 easywash365+ vertical boom

Our new development designed for single washing bays in the car wash industry enlarges the already wide and versatile accessories program of our easywash365+ product line for the professional car wash.

»  rotatable by 360°
»  completely made out of stainless steel
»  solid construction
»  spring action

The vertical easywash365+ boom is a cost-efficient solution which is ideal for smaller self-service motorcycle, bicycle or car washing bays. It is not absolutely imperative that the boom is incorporated in the technical board as it can be easily mounted on the wall. Therefore, the vertical boom is also the perfect solution for areas with a shortage of space. Due to its compact design not much room is needed, but however a high degree of mobility is given. The radius of 360° as well as the built-in spring guarantee best possible mobility when carrying out the washing.

The vertical easywash365+ boom is completely made out of stainless steel. A mounting bracket is supplied and delivered with it. Suitable hoses are not included in the consignment in order to offer you the best possible option regarding length, quality, model and fittings.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the vertical easywash365+ boom. You can download it as a pdf-file.

That sounds convincingly good! Now it`s your turn to find out that our new development also entirely fulfills your requirements! Therefore, we are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.
04 Fair dates 2011

We are represented at the following fairs:

Car Care World Expo
Las Vegas, NV . USA
Booth 588
together with Suttner America Company
2 - 4 May 2011

Targi Stacja Paliw
Warsaw . Poland
together with our Polish partner
11 - 13 May 2011

Bologna . Italy
Hall 36 . Stand D 63
25 - 29 May 2011

After show report on eima international 2010

Last November it was our seventh participation with our own stand. We noticed that this edition was organized more international than in the years before and that the agricultural engineering and the supplying industry were presented in an excellent way. The main focus of this exhibition is the cleaning industry in general with a particular focus on the requirements in the agriculture. Due to the attendance of all well-known manufacturers of cleaning devices the visitors easily got the general idea of machines, accessories and latest trends and technologies in this industrial sector.

As usual we focused on introducing our new development which are especially designed for the use in the agriculture and food industry. In this case it was the big day of our easyfoam365+ by-pass injectors ST-167 / ST-168 (pdf-file) and our easyfarm365+ product line (www.easyfarm365plus.com) which is especially developed for substantial water quantities being used in the agriculture. We could state that they have really done a good job! As a well-established manufacturer offering German quality we are very proud of the fact that our products are totally accepted by our customers and in great demand.

The next edition of eima international takes place in November 2012. For sure, we`ll be there again and hope to meet you!
05 Have you already known?

...that we have the perfect duo for you in our range.

The extremely absorbent drying wonder! The WA 1400 is ideal for the professionally exterior cleaning of vehicles, car finish, motorcycles, catering trade, kitchen & bathroom.

The streak-free cleaning wonder! The WA 600 is ideal for the professionally interior cleaning of vehicles, car finish, motorcycles, catering trade, kitchen & bathroom.

And this is guaranteed by our duo:

»  Excellent water absorption and high absorption speed by polyurethane skin which treats the surfaces with care.
»  Composition: PET/PA microfibre, high-tech polyurethane.
»  Water drops on the surfaces after cleaning are a thing of the past and the use of any detergents is dropped.
»  Due to the interwoven and strong texture the microfibre cloth is tear-resistant. Furthermore, it is lint-free, antibacterial, very kind to your skin and anti-allergic.
»  Both cloths are washable and usable several times.

According to the principle completely clean with only one wipe. Even spots like fingerprints are removed in the twinkling of an eye and the surfaces gleam in mint condition.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the easyclean365+ microfibre cloths WA 1400 and WA 600. You can download it as a pdf-file.

Experience our cleaning duo - you`ll not want to miss it anymore!
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