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Newsletter 03 - 2010

Would you like new products? And get to know our new staff members!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You often talk to our Sales Department on the phone a few times a day. As we would like you to know to whom exactly you are speaking, we are anxious to introduce our two new staff members to you.

Moreover, there are new products introduced to you. Do not lose any time in order to convince yourself as soon as possible that they live up to their promise. We are talking about the new hose wonder and invite you to learn how to use synergetic effect by means of the new foam injector ST-166.

That wasn’t everything at all - see for yourself!

We hope that you enjoy reading our newsletter and get in touch with us in case of any questions.

Your team of R+M de Wit

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02 CARWASH COMFORT - the new hose wonder more information
03 You are invited to use synergetic effect! more information
04 Fair dates 2010 more information
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01 News

With full support ahead - get to know our new staff members!

You often talk to our Sales Department on the phone a few times a day. As we would like you to know to whom exactly you are speaking, we are anxious to introduce our two new staff members to you.

Martina Wein replacing Christoph Schuster started to work for us on 15 March 2010. She attends to customers in several German postcode areas and to customers coming from The Netherlands and Greece.

As a trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant with many years experience on the job she knows her stuff and is a real practitioner so that she is without a doubt a competent contact person of yours at any time.


Nicole Rodewald has been strengthening our team as additional support since 1 May 2010. To say it in a few words she intensifies the contact to our regular customers and consolidates our position on the international market. She is your contact person for the following countries and areas: South America, Middle East, Arab League, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia without China, Japan, and Korea.

Her trainings as both industrial clerk and management assistant in marketing and the varied experience in sales departments for a long time enable her to be of great assistance in different areas within our group of companies.


We trust that you may have every confidence in our new staff members so that there is nothing to stop the pleasurable cooperation with you in the future. We are convinced that you see shortly that you are in good hands. True to the motto: Your requirements are our strengths!

Relief valve ST-230 - available as 350 bar version now!

The relief valve ST-230 is a technically high quality product which is designed to be attached in professionally used high pressure units and protects against inadmissible pressure. The valve opens if the pressure exceeds a value that has been defined and set before.

Due to the excellent switching behaviour and the good reliability of the regulation valve ST-291, we succeeded in convincing several OEMs working with 350 bar. Therefore, it was obvious to refine the ST-230. We lost no time in realizing this project as we are very interested in continuously adapting our products to your demands and requirements provided that it makes sense and is convertible.

The valve works according to the principle of a spring-loaded poppet seat valve. In order to avoid a mix-up of springs which hardly differ from each other, the replacement kits of both versions are equipped with different diameters so that they are not interchangeable. All components are made out of corrosion-resistant material. The 350 bar version is easily identified by having a corrosion-resistant, silver-coloured, galvanic coating on the outside of the check nut.

In case of any questions, we are at your disposal at any time as we really enjoy giving you advice.

Additional instruction for use of all double ceiling booms offered in our range

We are anxious to rule out the possibility of all application errors when using our products so that we would like to give you the following to remember: By attaching the high pressure line to the lower pipe of the double ceiling boom this demonstrably prevents the upper swivel from wearing out after only a short time.

Bearing our words in mind shall save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary costs! Thank you very much for having paid your attention to us at this point.
02 CARWASH COMFORT - the new hose wonder in self-service washing bays

High pressure hoses at self-service car wash sites are in combination with the spraying unit or the brush lance the decisive factor regarding the ease of use during the operation. As there are more and more female and also older people cleaning their car in self-service washing bays both human-factor engineering and the smallest possible weight are very important.

Due to an easy handling with enormously reduced trigger and holding forces as well as integrated swivels our well-proven and favoured spray guns and handles from our product line easywash365+ have been convincing our customers for many years. One thing for sure! By means of the developed CARWASH COMFORT hose especially designed for self-service car wash and prewashing you will love to clean your car as it is really one of the easiest jobs.

What it actually stands for and which characteristics it has? With only 92 g/m this hose is more than half in weight in comparison to a usual self-service hose. The smooth chemically resistant interior is made out of PES which is usually used for highly stressed parts such as medical gadgets or in the automotive engineering and aircraft industry.

The transparent surface made out of a thermoplastic elastomer in blue or anthracite has excellent gliding characteristics in combination with wetness. In comparison to many hoses that tend to get stuck at mirrors, bumpers or at other edges at the vehicle the CARWASH COMFORT does not share this lot as it is very easy to pull it around any corner. The smooth surface always looks clean and dirty stripes on vehicles or clothes are a thing of the past.

It goes without saying that the hose is oil-, UV-, ozone-resistant and weatherproof as well as flexible in case of low temperatures. As its temperature range goes from -40 °C - +60 °C the CARWASH COMFORT is the ideal year-round hose. Due to the excellent flexibility the user easily makes his way by pulling the hose which is attached to the ceiling boom around his car in a very comfortable way. The high-tensile polyester reinforcing guarantees a working pressure of up to 200 bar, with a fourfold guarantee as usual that the hose does not burst.

You know everything about the new hose wonder now! But, however you can confirm that it also satisfies your demand only after having tested it. Do not lose any time and resolve to order it this very day!
03 You are invited to use synergetic effect!

We proudly present our new foam injector ST-166. This two component cleaning accessory is especially designed for the disinfection of vehicles carrying cattle, food, frozen foods and fish in order to avoid bacterial spread. Furthermore, it is used in milking parlours, cattle breeding, piggery, poultry farming and in the pisciculture.

Modern multi-component cleaning products rely on the synergetic effect of their single components. The specific feature of the dual system is that the important substances needed for a high cleaning efficiency are divided up on two liquid cleaner. It is a system that makes the use of particularly efficient substances possible. In combination, both cleaner effectively remove all kinds of contamination, even in case of a small dosing. As it is mandatory to eliminate the possibility of inadequate dosing, the new two component foam injector made out of stainless steel is the right solution!

The injector can be attached to a common mobile or a fixed high pressure cleaner. By means of the included dosing inserts the optimal quantity of cleaner and the ideal ratio of mixture are set. The final cleaning is effected by the spraying unit equipped with a fan nozzle or by a foam lance (ST-72 and ST-74 especially recommended) in case of two component systems.

The foaming covers large areas and a long exposure time is guaranteed. One further advantage of the foam cleaning is that already covered surfaces are easily seen. The injector is designed for an inlet pressure of max. 350 bar and suitable for up to 150 °C due to the used high quality material.

Our easywash365+ product brochure 2010 gives you more information about the foam injector ST-166 and the foam lances ST-72 & ST-74.

This really proves that we are anxious to safeguard the environment. Be sure that it`s worth testing the new foam injector ST-166!

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry.
04 Fair dates 2010

We are represented at the following fairs:

Frankfurt . Germany
Hall 10 . Stand D64
14 - 19 September 2010

Dubai . United Arab Emirates
Stand I116
26 - 28 September 2010

eima international
Bologna . Italy
10 - 14 November 2010

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2010
Very open designed stand attracted the attention of many visitors!

The ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam is the most important fair for us and that is why it is a real must to be there as an exhibitor every two years. Furthermore, it is the biggest stand space which is booked by us so that we give free rein to our creativity again and again regarding the design of our stand. This year we have had a very open designed stand which invited you to come around. At this point we would like to thank you very much for your visit - we really enjoyed talking to you vis à vis on the spot.

As already announced in advance the highlight at the fair was our new R+M main catalogue 2010-11 which has been accepted in a very positive way. The core products of the different product groups were shown on displays arranged according to them. We are very proud about the fact that the newly innovative foam- and disinfectant unit ST-163 from our product line easyfoam365+ which was introduced on the occasion of the ISSA has aroused the interest of many visitors. If you have not heard about it or seen it yet be sure that it`s high time you tested it. Our sales team is willingly prepared to inform you about it!

All enquiries regarding car wash were entirely satisfied by our product line easywash365+ offering you a complete system consisting of high quality and innovative products made out of corrosion resistant materials. Moreover, the new development and advancement within the product line maxpressure - ultra high pressure in perfection - completely met the visitors` needs.

At present we are spending a lot of time on doing our homework in order to be in the position to fulfill your requirements in the future at the best at any time.

The next edition takes place from 8 up to and including 11 May 2012. Take a note of this date and bear it in mind! We are looking forward to welcoming you at our stand at ISSA/INTERCLEAN in 2012.

Car Care World Expo 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada
The journey into the country where all your dreams come true was a real success!

The fact that it was the right decision to have our own stand at the biggest car wash fair of North- and Central America makes us very happy. We are looking back on a successful participation together with our partner, Suttner America Company, as it entirely lived up to our expectations.

We had the impression that the visitors were very international as we have met prospective buyer coming from South- and Central America, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. We really succeeded in arousing their lasting interest in our convincing product line easywash365+ especially designed for car wash. The received response confirms that the high quality products Made in Germany rejoice in great popularity all over the world by satisfying the user by their unique functionality.

We`ll give you three guesses! Right, we`ll be there when the Car Care opens its doors again from 2 up to and including 4 May 2011. Come around, it`ll be a great pleasure for us meeting you there.
05 Have you already known?

...that threads at Suttner lances are not cut but rolled.

The threads at Suttner lances are manufactured by means of a transformative manufacturing method the so called thread rolling.

This non-cutting method work-hardens the material and the fibre flow of the material is not impaired. Especially peripheral zones are up to 30 % harder in comparison to the matrix. Moreover, the rotating bending test proves to realize a hundred per cent increase of durability.

Both a rolled thread and a conventionally cut thread have excellent quality characteristics regarding their surface. The minor surface roughness significantly reduces the susceptibility to corrosion. These are good reasons for using Suttner high pressure lances as it is possible to use small wall thickness which is due to the increase in stability at the thread and its ideal shape. The possibility of using small wall thickness has a positive impact on the weight and therewith on the working ergonomics.

Rolled threads are made out by having a small reduction of the inner diameter at the ends of the lance where the shaped thread is recognizable from the inside. Summarized this thread rolling method significantly reduces the number of dangerous lance breakages. Positive effects: a higher durability of the lances and an optimum safety for the user are guaranteed.

In case that you should have any questions concerning this special manufacturing method, please get in touch with us directly. Just give us a call or send an email!
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