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Newsletter 02 - 2010

Will we see you at ISSA INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam 2010?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The next edition of the world’s leading trade fair for the cleaning industry is really approaching. ISSA INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2010 will open its doors in only a few days - in the time from 26 to 29 April 2010. We would be pleased if you would follow our invitation to visit us at our stand 03.217 in hall 3.

Our highlight being presented at the fair is our new R+M main catalog 2010-11. You are invited to come around in order to pick up your personal copy. Be there when our newly innovative foam and disinfectant unit ST-163 is introduced. If you keep on reading, you learn everything about it in advance. For sure, it’s worth seeing our new development!

See you in Amsterdam at the end of April and enjoy reading our newsletter now!

Your team of R+M de Wit

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02 Introduction of the new foam and disinfectant unit ST-163 more information
03 Fair dates 2010 more information
04 Have you already known? more information
01 News

R+M catalogue 2010-11

Our new R+M catalogue 2010-11 is available in English and German on 26 April 2010. With effect from this day these two versions can be downloaded from our web site www.rm-dewit.com. The French, Russian and Spanish catalogues follow in the course of June. We are willingly prepared to let you know the exact date in our next newsletter 03 - 2010.

We are sure that you know the following saying: Practice makes perfect - as we succeeded in finding the best possible way for us to create our catalogue during the last years. Everything goes hand in hand and every staff member being involved in this project intimately knows what he has to do so that we wholeheartedly concentrate on how to create the catalogue more informative and effective for you in the future. You should be entirely satisfied with the result as only one thing counts: Your requirements are our strengths!

There are 1,980 high quality photos on 260 pages waiting for you! You see that we are not only anxious to improve the quality regarding the design of our catalogue but also to continuously complete our range of products in all fields in a sensible way. The choice of new products is terrific! We are convinced that you definitely find what you are looking for.

We all agree on the following fact: Our catalogue stands for a convincing variety of products - everything you could possibly wish for. Your anticipation is well-founded!

Brand new - the brochures regarding our innovative product lines can now be downloaded as pdf-files!

If easyfarm365+, easyfoam365+ or maxpressure, this decision is completely yours! You can rely on the following: All products are made out of high quality materials in order to entirely meet the high requirements on the market and to correspond to the legal directives at any time. We are convinced that you easily find what you are looking for. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us immediately.

Enjoy leafing through our new product brochures!

The brochures regarding our product lines are found in the section Downloads.

ISSA INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2010
World`s leading trade fair for the cleaning industry

The next edition of the world`s leading trade fair for the cleaning industry is really approaching. ISSA INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2010 will open its doors again in only a few days - in the time from 26 to 29 April 2010. We would be grateful if you would follow our invitation to visit us at our stand 03.217 in West Hall 3.

Guarantee your free admission! Pre-register here and you will receive your personal registration code by email. Afterwards a written confirmation is sent to you. This is needed in order to receive your free entrance badge at the registration counters. More information about the fair can be obtained from www.issainterclean.com.

Our highlight being presented at the fair is our new R+M main catalogue 2010-11! We would be pleased to provide you with your personal copy at our stand.

In the following, please be informed about the stand team on the spot:

Alexander de Wit 26 - 28 April 2010
André de Wit 26 April 2010
Steffen Zunkel 26 - 28 April 2010
Dirk Niesen 26 - 29 April 2010
Philippe Bostoen 26 - 29 April 2010
Yuriy Volkov 26 - 29 April 2010
Sébastien Richaud (Frankreich) 26 - 29 April 2010
Martina Kubitscheck 26 - 27 April 2010
Sabrina Wiesemöller 27 - 29 April 2010

Our suggestion at this point: If you arrange a date with your contact person in advance, we will have enough time for you and could give our best attention to you!

We are looking forward to having a conversation with you on the spot and are really dying to present our several new and really innovative products to you.

See you at the fair in only a few days! We wish you a pleasant journey and hope that you contact us in case of any questions in advance.

Car Care World Expo 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada
The Car Wash world under one roof!

Subsequent to a hopefully successful participation at the ISSA INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam, we directly go on a further journey into the country where all your dreams come true. Right - we are talking about the USA! The biggest Car Wash fair of North- and Central America taking place in Las Vegas from 12 up to and including 14 May 2010 is waiting for us. There, we are represented together with our partner, Suttner America Company, for the first time and very much hope that we succeed in strengthening the marketing presence of our group of companies and in making our brand better known in the USA.

We totally accept this challenge with full ambition and determination and are looking forward to receiving several new impressions and to experiencing for the further future of R+M / Suttner.  
02 Introduction of the new foam and disinfectant unit ST-163

What it is? The newly innovative ST-163 stands for a movable and very efficient foam and disinfectant unit which is indispensable in areas that need to be frequently cleaned and disinfected. This product really helps to safeguard a high standard of hygiene - guaranteed with a maximum of flexibility and economy.

The new development is especially designed for the cleaning of vehicles carrying cattle, food, frozen foods and fish in order to avoid bacterial spread. The ST-163 is also applicable in cleaning milking parlours, cattle breeding, piggery, poultry farming and in the pisciculture. Being suitable for lathering, rinsing and disinfection it is designed for an operating pressure of 50 - 300 bar and a flow of 8 - 30 l/min. It needs to be connected to a high pressure system.

The foam device is a combination made out of stainless steel and special high performance plastics. The addition of one out of two connected chemicals is determined by positioning the lever. The foam process realises long exposure times depending on how strong the foam actually is and covers large areas. One further advantage of the foam cleaning: precise area execution as already covered surfaces are easily seen!

The best possible mixing ratio of foaming agent and water amount as well as of disinfectant and water amount is defined by the dosing inserts included in delivery.

Two suction hoses 1 m, intake filters ST-31 and wall mounts are included. Furthermore, the additionally available stainless steel trolley equipped with two grey, non-fading wheels and one grey guide roll definitely completes your choice. The trolley has two laterally attached lance holder and offers sufficient space for two container with chemicals comprising up to 30 kg each.

Our easyfoam365+ product brochure gives you more information about the movable and very efficient foam and disinfectant unit ST-163.

Don`t miss the opportunity to have a look at the ST-163 at our stand 03.217 in hall 3! We promise that it`s really worth seeing our new development.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you at our stand.
03 Fair dates 2010

We are represented at the following fairs:

ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2010
Amsterdam . The Netherlands
West Hall 3 . Stand 03.217
26 - 29 April 2010

Car Care World Expo
Las Vegas, NV . USA
Stand 2367
together with Suttner America Company
12 - 14 May 2010

Frankfurt . Germany
Hall 10 . Stand D64
14 - 19 September 2010

eima international
Bologna . Italy
10 - 14 November 2010
04 Have you already known?

...that we have a special offer regarding wall & floor cleaner at the moment.

We would like to be sure that our current offer regarding wall & floor cleaner is on your hand. It is valid for placing orders until 30 April 2010 and for despatch until 30 June 2010. You are invited to obtain the following products at sensationally special prices:

1. Skater wall & floor cleaner blue/black (page 138, catalogue 08-09)
2. Surfer wall & floor cleaner yellow/black (new!)
3. SURFACE CLEANER wall & floor cleaner (page 138, catalogue 08-09)
4. TurboDevil floor cleaner stainless steel (page 137, catalogue 08-09)

In case that our offer has not reached you, we are willingly prepared to inform you about every further terms and conditions. Just give us a call and you profit from our irresistible offer immediately!

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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