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Newsletter 06 - 2009

Your questions are answered by us!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Do you know the difference between the spray gun versions freeze stop and weep? If not, the answer is given to you today under point 03.

Are there any new products waiting for you? That’s really something you can be sure of! The newly sensational Mosmatic surface cleaner with air recovery system and integrated gum remover as well as both versions of the high pressure spray gun ST-1100 are introduced to you today. Moreover, we succeeded in increasing the quality of the TurboDevil surface cleaner enormously. Therefore, please keep on reading!

There are also several information given to you which are of great importance. Please do not miss them!
We are sure that you enjoy reading our newsletter.

Your team of R+M de Wit
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02 New in our range! Mosmatic surface cleaner more information
03 Spray gun ST-1100 - frost-proof version with weep function more information
04 Fair dates 2010 more information
05 Have you already known? more information
01 News

www.rm-suttner.com - it is for you to decide which company you visit!

In our last newsletter we informed you that Suttner`s web site has a new design. Suttner completely in R+M look - www.suttner.net! Perhaps, you have already had time to take a detailed look at it. Furthermore, we let you know that the second step would be to create a joint page as soon as possible. The realisation of this labour-intensive task will take some time before completion. But, however we have some other news for you…

With effect from today you see us at www.rm-suttner.com! On this page it is for you to decide which company you visit. R+M or Suttner - this is the question - which can be answered only by you! Please make a mental note of this address now as it will be the one of our joint page. Please note that the web sites www.rm-dewit.com and www.suttner.net will not be available anymore after the completion of the only one appearance. Our tip at this point: Get accustomed to the new address by now and simply use this site as an opportunity to call up both companies by only one click! We are sure that you easily manage to do it this way.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at www.rm-suttner.com and are at your disposal at any time.

Inventory 2009

Due to the fact that we are taking inventory on Friday, 20 November 2009, our company will be closed. Of course, your orders can be sent to us by fax or e-mail. We will be back again on Monday, 23 November 2009, and are looking forward to receiving your call.

Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.

We alter our storage and kindly ask you for your assistance

We have decided to achieve an improvement regarding the stocking of our wide range of products. We would like to stress that this is primarily done for you as our customer. The remodelling work as well as the extension of our storage is scheduled for the time from 14 December 2009 until 8 January 2010. Unfortunately, the access to our entire range of products during this period will only be possible in a very limited way. Therefore, we are asking already today for your understanding that delays in delivery definitely occur and that both of us may have to face further unforeseeable circumstances.

Your support would be given already in this respect if you tried to plan your orders accordingly so that your main products are not urgently needed in the time mentioned as you have already stocked them in advance.

We would like to thank you for your attention and deeply hope for your full understanding.

Public holidays in Germany in 2010

If you cannot reach us some day there is only one explanation for it. Due to a public holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia our company is closed. As a matter of principle we will be at your disposal the next working day and are looking forward to having the pleasure of serving you. All public holidays determined for our land in 2010 are listed below.

New Year 01.01.2010 Whit Monday 24.05.2010
Good Friday 02.04.2010 Corpus Christi 03.06.2010
Easter Monday 05.04.2010 Christmas Day 25.12.2010
May Day 01.05.2010 Boxing Day 26.12.2010
Ascension Day 13.05.2010    

TurboDevil surface cleaner - modification of the pivoted joint. A considerable product improvement is the result!

In order to be in the position to ensure product improvement and further advancement of our assortment we are dependent on our customers` feedback. We thank you for giving us any proposals regarding feasible product improvement. In this case we are one step ahead as we succeeded in increasing the quality of the TurboDevil surface cleaner by modifying the pivoted joint.

You are invited to learn what has been changed compared to the previous model in order to exceed your expectations once again!

»  The new pivoted joint is made out of stainless steel 1.4305 and has been integrated into the already existing swivel. By means of this procedure a complete and compact pivoted joint unity was created.
»  Due to the shortened product length the mobility of the surface cleaner could be enormously increased as it is now suitable for so far not accessible areas.
»  Both the wall and the axis have been reinforced and thus provide a higher grade of stability and safety as before.
»  It is more difficult than before to adjust the angle so that the surface cleaner can now be used for cleaning walls without any problems.

That sounds good, doesn`t it? Do not think long time about it - just test the improved TurboDevil for your applications in order to see that the surface cleaner satisfies your needs even better than before.

Our data sheet gives you more information about the TurboDevil surface cleaner. You can download it as a pdf-file.

We would like to be the first who are informed about your results. Many thanks for that in advance.
02 New in our range! Mosmatic surface cleaner with air recovery system and integrated gum remover

If we roll up the whole thing from behind we could state the following: There is a problem for any solution! As the solution we offer you in this case the new Mosmatic surface cleaner with air recovery system and integrated gum remover. Such as the other devices of the FL-AH series the new FL-AH-KAU is a record performance regarding quality, finish and excellent cleaning result. Since we have already revealed the solution the problem should definitely be clear. We are talking about places such as railway stations, stadiums, schools and many more which are covered with hundreds of chewing gums. An absolutely horrible and utterly disgusting sight!

Our comment on this new product: quite simply sensational! How does the surface cleaner work? In order to ensure an effective removal of the gums the special nozzle is positioned behind the stainless steel cap. The surface is cleaned in a conventional way by means of the gun which is mounted at the right side. In case of removing stubborn dirt e.g. chewing gums the special nozzle is switched on by the gun mounted at the left side. The gums are cut up, totally removed and finally sucked in by the high pressure jets and the flat angle.

The frame made out of stainless steel offers additional stability. Best cleaning results are achieved due to the height adjustable housing. Two spray guns and the required nozzles are included in delivery.

Our data sheet gives you more information about the Mosmatic surface cleaner with air recovery system and integrated gum remover. You can download it as a pdf-file.

We are convinced that this is the ideal solution for your problem. Please do not lose any time in order to test the new Mosmatic surface cleaner and to take it up in your range as soon as possible. It`s worth it and we really advise you to do so.

Any questions? In this case we are willingly prepared to answer them at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
03 High pressure spray gun ST-1100 - standard model supplemented by a frost-proof version with weep function!

As an alternative to the high-end easywash365+ product which is developed on the basis of the ST-2600 with LTF technology the price conscious car wash supplier is provided with the small cousin ST-1100.

Due to the durable metal components of the interior and the robust vented handles made out of plastic the ST-1100 is the ideal spray gun for self-service car wash. The ergonomic shape with reduced dimension has so far been available only in a standard version. With effect from today we also offer you a frost-proof version with weep function. Both versions optically differ as the safety catch at the new model is blue instead of black. They are both equipped with 3/8" female thread and also with an integrated swivel. Moreover, these spray guns are designed for a pressure range of max. 210 bar, a flow rate of max. 25 l/min and a temperature range of max. 150 °C.

Our data sheet gives you more information about the frost-proof version of the ST-1100 with weep function. You can download it as a pdf-file.

It is always good to have alternatives - especially in times when nearly everybody counts every cent. You have the chance to find out if the presented versions of the ST-1100 are also a pleasant alternative for you in order to primarily save costs. Regarding the quality of our products we would like to state that we never save on it so that you can expect a good price-performance-ratio at any time.

We are looking forward to receiving your order. Please get in touch with us in case of any questions in advance.

Your questions are answered by us!

What is the difference between the versions freeze stop and weep?

Today we would like to give you the answer to this quite difficult question. Therefore, we would like to explain the following picture which is also in our catalogue on page 111 down to the right.

The picture illustrates the different effects regarding diverse winter safety methods of high pressure spray devices. The physical effect that liquids in motion tend to freeze to a lesser extent forms the basis of both versions. Therefore, both the weep as well as the freeze stop version let water pass through the valve (in case of different pressures and under the circumstances) even if the spray gun is closed in order to keep the water which is in piping, hose and spray device in motion.

The weep high pressure spray guns let a reduced water quantity pass through even if the trigger of the gun is not pulled as there is a notch in the seal seat of the valve. This is ensured in high pressure when the high pressure pump is in operation as well as in low pressure in case of water pipe pressure.

The so called freeze stop spray guns are equipped with a valve in valve technology. The operating valve which is driven by the spray gun trigger includes the real automatically operating freeze stop piston. For cleaning applications the spray gun is opened and closed as usual by the operating valve. The integrated freeze stop valve only comes into operation when there is low pressure (water pipe pressure). It is opened in a spring driven way if the pressure is lower than 10 bar. If the pressure increases e.g. by switching on the high pressure pump the freeze stop valve closes automatically. This improves the comfort of washing as there is no water coming out of the gun when taking it out of the lance holder.

In order to protect the natural environment the use of winter safety cycles should be a real must-have. The water leaked out from the gun is then transported back into the water container by means of the hose which is clamped at the lance holder. Therefore, the self-service car wash is ready for use on every day of the year and moreover the water consumption is enormously reduced.

We really hope that our explanation is plain and that the difference is now clearly understood. We would like to thank you very much for your attention.
04 Fair dates 2010

We are represented at the following fairs:

ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2010
Amsterdam . The Netherlands
West Hall 3 . Stand 03.217
26 - 29 April 2010

Frankfurt . Germany
14 - 19 September 2010

eima international
Bologna . Italy
10 - 14 November 2010
05 Have you already known?

...that we are at your disposal at the turn of the year.

We would like to inform you that R+M is opened at the turn of the year. Please note that there are two exceptions - on 24 and 31 December 2009 we think that also we deserve a little Christmas break. On all other days between the public holidays a skeleton crew is at your disposal which is reachable during the usual opening times. This is very good for you as you have the opportunity to forward every enquiry directly to us and so you do not have to collect everything and wait for the day on that we are back again. But, however we would like to stress that delays in delivery may occur due to the remodelling work and the extension of our storage. We kindly ask you to consider this regarding your order behaviour. This is also explained in a detailed way under news in 01.

Do not worry at all - we are looking forward to receiving your call at any time!

Furthermore, please take note of the fact that Suttner is closed in the time from 21 December 2009 up to and including 3 January 2010. They will be back again on 4 January 2010 and be pleased to assist you.

Finally, we would like to thank you so much for having had every confidence in us in 2009. In this spirit we wish you by now a Merry Christmas and a healthy as well as successful New Year.
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